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Step 1 : Reach out to me with a vision for your colorado family photo session

and then we start planning something epic
If there is one thing that I value, it’s being authentic. That’s why it all starts with a phone call! I want to hear alllll about your family – including the little quirks and silly stories that make you guys just the way you are. I’m here to capture the genuine parts of your family.

When you close your eyes and dream about the best day ever with your family, where are you? What are you doing? What are you all giggling about? 

These are the questions I love asking my moms and dads. I gather loads of information from you and then I start to craft a family photo session that will yield the most authentic photos of you and your littles. I always want you to remember that “one time when we got our photos done…

Family Photo session by a creek in Crested Butte
Family in portait in Taylor Canyon

Step 2 : Choose your adventure or location for your colorado outdoor photo session

MY DISCLAIMER - you can get clean and perfect photos from someone else!

Depending on the timeline, we spend the next few weeks or months planning the details. I am not about to leave you alone to find a location and coordinate everyone’s outfits. I am here to help streamline the process from beginning to end and eliminate as much stress as possible.

We usually start by deciding the best location for you and your family. We’re talking about the perfect balance of a fun locale and gorgeous backdrop. Do you envision being on a mountain top surrounded by rugged peaks and an alpine lake? Do you want to meet at a stream so that your littles can play in the water and make mud pies? What about heading to the desert with dusty bare feet and the warmth of the sun on your skin? Or what if it’s a local spot that just means something to you and your family? I mean, Colorado scenery is downright gorgeous no matter where you are! My only disclaimer: You can get clean and perfect photos from someone else!

Step 3 : Let's get you styled

Dressed up does not have to mean stiff or fancy in my book

Just like I search for the best location for your Colorado family photoshoot, I also help you coordinate the tiny details to make everything come together when it’s go time. You’ll receive a code from me to use a styling service that will help coordinate the fam. I usually start with Mom – the center of the family’s universe. We choose a dress, skirt, overalls… whatever it is that makes her feel like a million bucks! Once Mom is sorted, we move to the rest of the crew. 

We usually text back and forth coordinating the clothing so that everyone is psyched and excited for their experience ahead. Remember, I am here to help as little or as much as you want. More than anything, I want this to be a truly wonderful, authentic, exceptional experience that you’ll remember for years to come. (Beyond, of course, whenever you look at the photos!)

Photo sessions of a family in California near the beach
Photo session of Mom and baby boy in an open field

Step 4 : The big day is here!

your colorado family photo session of your dreams

It’s finally here! We’ve planned our perfect location – Colorado or beyond. We’ve styled everyone to match the environment and the “feel” that we’re after. Now it’s time to NOT look at me and say cheese. Go play! Go be you. Enjoy the experience. Get dirty. Embrace. Smile. Look at each other. Just be your authentic selves and I’ll be there to capture it all – wide angles, tighter details, candids, and all of the shots in between that help tell the story of your family photo session. 

My goal is to deliver a gallery that makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you feel grateful for the life you’ve built, and that floods you with wonderful memories big and small of your time together.

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