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Hi there! I am so happy that you stopped by and I sure hope to meet you in person one day soon. My name is Abby and while I grew up in Indiana, my heart truly belongs in the west and, most definitely Colorado. The mountains are where I feel most alive and I feel forever grateful for all the joys the alpine has brought me. I am an avid rock climber – both sport and trad – and I love pushing myself in this amazing sport. I’m also well practiced at distance trail running, mountain biking, fly fishing, and any time spent under the stars in wide open spaces.

That passion of mine for the outdoors is genuine and keeps me inspired more than anything else. I have two little boys to whom my husband and I have promised a childhood full of adventure, wild places, and dirty feet.

If your heart sings when you're amongst the mountains and trees, well, maybe I'm meant to take your picture...
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