07/21/21 Mau family photos at Rocky Mountain National Park

This was one magical day. A large part of my heart lives deep in Rocky Mountain National Park. Before having kids, my husband and I climbed so many routes and enjoyed so many stunning memories deep in those mountains. Goodness, every time I roll through the gate I still get goose bumps. Even though the crowds are getting bigger and my life has grown more complex since having kids, I will always keep a part of my soul in those mountains.
As you can imagine, the time spent shooting at the park was incredible! I had always dreamed of doing a shoot in RMNP, and when the Mau family were up for the adventure – it was ON. I drove my boys up that day so that they could enjoy finding rocks in the stream and being amongst those huge mountains. But boy it was a rainy day when we arrived! I wasn’t sure the shoot was going to go, but sure enough, it was a day that was absolutely meant to be. The skies literally parted as the Mau family arrived for their session and it TRULY couldn’t have been more magical!
Jane and Drew and their three sweet children were amazing! They had such incredible energy and their happiness was contagious! We had the best time splashing in the water, running through the fields, and enjoying a beautiful sunset together. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in a more perfect location with a more perfect family. Thank you, Jane and Drew for being YOU and for raising such a sweet, kind, beautiful, and loving family. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!
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