05/25/21 Keiter family photoshoot at Garden of the Gods

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do! I’ve been so busy with my Wildflower sessions here in Crested Butte, that I’ve neglected posting my sessions for too long!
This specific session was incredibly special to me. I met the Keiter family at City Rock and they became one of my favorite people to run into at the gym. Jenni and Kevin are about the sweetest you’d ever meet. Jenni is also an incredible photographer herself, so when she asked me to do photos for her family I was blown away!
We decided on Garden of the Gods and even though I’ve shot there so many times, I always find something special each session I have. It’s an incredible place and we should feel so lucky to have a gem like this in Colorado Springs.
I met their three kids for the first time during the shoot, and honestly, they are some of the most incredible young adults I’ve ever met. They all have huge hearts that are bursting with kindness. After having met them I admire Kevin and Jenni even more as parents! I heard their stories and saw their strong bond and it was quite inspiring. They are a tight family – they even spent an entire year as a family traveling the country visiting different National Parks. I just love that and could connect with that in so many ways!
Jenni and Kevin, thank you for trusting me with your photos and for allowing me the time to spend with your extraordinary family.
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