05/14/21 Garden of the Gods family photo session

The most amazing part of being a Colorado Springs photographer is that I am surrounded by so many beautiful spots around to choose from for family sessions. I try to work with each family to understand the “feel” they are wanting for their session so that I can deliver the images that they are dreaming about. Even the most popular family photo session locations always offer something new – not only from season to season, but even on a daily basis. My style of photography is to incorporate as much of the stunning scenery as possible, but with the family relationship being the main focal point, guaranteeing that no two Colorado Springs family photography sessions will ever look quite the same.


Suzanne, Corey, and sweet baby Quinn were a referral from friends of mine at the local climbing gym. I knew these were my type of people and I was eager to have some time with them to ask them all the questions about themselves. We had much to talk about ranging from climbing trips and objectives to taking our kiddos out to the crag. It’s always fun to talk to other family climbers and hear their secrets and how they’ve evolved their lifestyle when their family expanded. So, of course, it was an amazing photo session with this sweet family!


Garden of the Gods is such a popular location for families, because it’s such an iconic spot in Colorado Springs. It’s amazing that every time I shoot there I can find small subtleties that actually make the session entirely unique. Sometimes it’s clouds, sometimes it’s wind, and this time it was flowers! We had received so much rain recently that the flowers were popping up everywhere! Lucky for us, we found some beautiful yellow buds sprouting and it couldn’t have been more perfect for this beautiful family.


Thank you, Suzanne, Corey, and Quinn for being such an amazing family to work with. I just love your family unit and I wish you the best as you continue adventuring together in the years ahead!

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