05/02/21 Zufelt sunrise shoot at Garden of the Gods

A sunrise in Garden of the Gods might be one of Colorado’s most hidden gems. I say hidden because most people are still asleep in their beds… but not this amazing couple who were willing to get up well before dawn to get ready for our sunrise mission just the other day. The forecast for the afternoon was full of threatening thunderstorms and lots of rain, and when I suggested a sunrise photoshoot, they were all in!

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS morning. You could hear the birds singing their good mornings, you could smell the cool air with just a touch of breeze all around, you could still see the moon when I pulled into the parking lot that morning. I actually drove into the park just as the gate was being opened for the day. Before my clients arrived, I had a moment to myself to enjoy the beauty and quiet surrounding me.

This lovely couple was in town from Texas for some business meetings here in the Springs. Lucky for me, Krystall found me on Facebook and we immediately set up a date for photos. She told me that they travel quite a bit, well at least a lot before Covid hit, and that wherever they go they have professional photos done. How cool is that?! Having someone knowledgeable of the area with a nice camera sure beats a bunch of selfies throughout your vacation! I was totally honored that Krystall combed through the photographers and picked me – so thank you, Krystall, for trusting me with your time!

It’s always fun for me to meet people from all over the country when they come to Colorado for a visit. It’s also just as fun for me to wake up well before anyone else and enjoy a sunrise rocky mountain style!

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