03/19/21 Garden of the Gods couple session

Garden of the Gods is one heck of a place to take some amazing photos. I think what I like most about the scenery at Garden of the Gods is how every time I shoot there it’s different. A different sky. A different tone to the rocks. A different golden sunset. And, of course, a different set of emotions from the people that I am photographing.

I just loved my time with Bobbi and Sean the other week when there was a perfect glow to the beautiful red rocks and a perfect sense of magic between the two of them. Recently married, there was so much happiness and exhilaration between them that I just couldn’t get enough.

I had briefly met Bobbi a number of times both through some mutual acquaintances and when she was a nurse at the orthopedic center (yes, Mark and I have had way too many surgeries to be proud of). Every time I saw her she was beaming with radiance and had the biggest, most beautiful smile. So, when she asked me to do some couples photos for her and her husband, I was over the moon thrilled she thought of me! And just like that, I was able to get that stunning smile in front of my camera and meet her amazing husband, Sean.

Couples photos are always so special because I love documenting the love and bond between the two. Plus, there is so much freedom to get to incredible places with epic backdrops. As I have mentioned through a few of my past posts, I want to open up more adventurous sessions to my couples and families. While I always love shooting at Garden of the Gods, I have compiled a list of many, many extraordinary locations that I am just dying to take people to… so if any of you are interested in getting dirty, breaking some trail, and up for an adventure – get in touch! Let’s do this!

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