03/15/21 Colorado Springs in-home Motherhood session with Emily and Weston

For some reason, when anyone asks me “what I do”… I immediately just tell them I’m a mom. I don’t normally mention that I passionately train to be good at rock climbing. I don’t normally say that I have a photography business that I pour my heart into with nearly every spare minute I can find (which is very little with two active boys and is usually all before any of you wake up). For whatever reason, I just say my title is Mom. And of course, that’s the most important job to me.
… and maybe that is why I just have this THING for capturing Moms doing what moms do. Recently, I’ve been leaning into situations in photography that make me nervous – like shooting indoors with limited lighting or in places I’ve never shot before. I’ve been expanding my scope of what I feel makes a good photograph – I now cull my images for those snaps that make me FEEL something not always the ones where everything is perfectly in focus and lovely. I’ve been experimenting with different vantage points, colors, moods, clothing choices, and even focus. It’s been fun to push out of my comfort zone and really have my go at “art” for the first time – I think – in my life. I have found that photographing mothers and families have given me the freedom to spread my wings and continue to evolve because I truly do FEEL the relationships, emotions, and love that is all happening in front of my camera. I feel all of that because I am a Mom.
Who knows, maybe I’ll always just state that I’m a Mom when someone asks, and I’m ok with that. Because you know what? That is absolutely who I am and what I do.
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