03/13/21 Garden of the Gods winter couple’s photoshoot

Welp, I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather for the couples’ shoot in Garden of the Gods just the other day. Oh, how I adore adverse conditions. Wind, rain, snow, clouds – I’ll take it! While I always give my clients permission to reschedule, I secretly love when they are just as excited as I am about the current weather.


It was incredibly magical taking advantage of rare solitude at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs with Jordan and Kyle. We only saw a couple of hardy folk besides us the day we decided to “go for it” for our couples’ shoot, which had already been delayed due to a broken foot Kyle had to endure. I was pumped. Jordan was simply gorgeous and Kyle always wears the best smile on his face wherever he goes.


Their wedding is planned for July this year, and I am also lucky enough to be their wedding photographer this summer, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity. Their wedding was originally planned for 2020, but of course, we all know what happened. I felt so horrible for Jordan and Kyle – if you’ve been over the moon excited to get married as a young couple, you can imagine how devastating it was to postpone! But Jordan and Kyle handled the whole event with amazing ease, and just like I told them, it will be even more extraordinary because of the delay.


I think that it was meant to be when we had a snow storm the weekend of their photoshoot. It was beautiful in the Garden with the contrasting colors, the falling snow, and the peaceful quiet that you rarely find on a weekend. I had such a wonderful time with Jordan and Kyle and we all walked away feeling even MORE excited for their wedding coming up in a few short months.


The weather doesn’t have to be perfect to have a perfect photo session, in fact quite the contrary. Who is up to bare the elements with me? I promise it will be magic…

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