Jackie + Nate’s wedding day

I recently had the incredible opportunity to photograph Jackie and Nate’s wedding day. It was a wonderful experience. I had met Jackie over 2 and a half years ago when my first son, Harkin, was born. She was my nurse and was truly amazing at her job. She was caring, loving, kind… and a rock climber! Of course, we hit it off and I ended up running into her again at the climbing gym (of course). We stayed in touch, and when she asked me to be the photographer at her wedding, I was deeply touched.
After meeting Nate and watching them interact, it was completely obvious how much in love they are. It was wonderful to see, and exciting to hear about all of their adventures that they were planning ahead of them in their lives together.
Just a few days ago, my husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. We were married in Yosemite – a very, very special place to many climbers. I would like to share a small part of our ceremony which reminded me so very much of Jackie and Nate.
The 9 most important things to remember in a marriage :
1. Mutual respect – it is the basis of all friendships and the foundation of your relationship.
2. Be totally honest with each other about your feelings no matter how hard it may seem at the time.
3. Share your lives together, not sacrifice who you are for the other. Be yourselves as that’s what got you together.
4. Never forget that your partner completes you and makes you a better person.
5. Your partner is always your better half.
6. As a man you get to know everything about everything, but as a woman you get to always be right.
7. Marriage is like a long route. They’ll be some chossy, wide, and run out pitches and you will each get your share, but the route as a whole will be a five-star mega-classic and unforgettable. So enjoy the good pitches and forget the bad ones (fortunately for climbers have a short memory for the bad pitches).
8. Keep your priorities straight – no matter what happens, no matter what the cost or sacrifice, nothing is more important than your lives together.
9. Nothing will ever be as important as this moment is right now, and never, ever forget this day.

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